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Tai Chi_Reiki 

Reiki courses for those wanting to connect with Reiki and learn how to use the energy for self healing and to treat others, either for personal development or to go on to practise professionally. 

Reiki level 1 "Shoden" (first degree) for beginners, a course that gives you a permanent connection to Reiki energy and the basic foundations of personal healing practice as well as basic hand positions to treat others. 

Level 2 "Okuden" (second degree) for level 1 students wanting to deepen their practice and Reiki connection, introduction to symbols, work with the energy more intuitively, and also for those wanting to train as a practitioner. 

Level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher "Shinpiden" (3rd degree) for further advanced development, learning more Reiki symbols, learning how to conduct empowerments/attunements for yourself and others, and for those wishing to teach. 

Reiki Deepening for level 2 students who want to take Reiki Master level 3 without training to be a teacher. 

Reiki Drumming

Tai Chi_Reiki

 Technique - The Reiki Drum Master Practitioner Course, for those who have completed second degree or above, this course is a fusion of the ancient practice of shamanic drumming and Reiki energy, which creates a powerful yet gentle healing model. Learn various techniques for treatments, and receive your very own drum Remo Buffalo Drum.

Reiki Drum Master Teacher - for those who want to teach the Reiki Drum Healing & Journeying Techniques. Course pre-requisite: This course is for Reiki Master Teachers who not only have at least one year's teaching experience including one Reiki level 1 class and one Reiki level 2 class but who are also a Reiki Drum Master Practitioner  You will need six months experience of giving practical Reiki Drum treatments. You will also be required to provide 6 Reiki Drum case studies (a course of four treatments for each case study) and attendance at the Assessment Day.

Prices start from £150, for more details use the following link:

Reiki shares are held on a regular basis and on going support is available for all Reiki students.


Tai Chi_Reiki

These are ongoing and aimed at those who have already taken at least one Reiki course. The theme of the workshop changes from month to month and is a chance to develop personal practice and energy techniques, with Reiki meditations, energy exercises and Drumming Journeys working individually, in pairs and as a group.

All treatments, courses and workshops are run by Catherine Birkinhead, professionally qualified Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (UKRF member) in Mikao Usui Japanese style Reiki and Reiki Drum Healing. As a member, Catherine has UKRF Insurance and adheres to the Comprehensive Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. She is also a listed teacher with Reiki Evolution for the Bedfordshire area.


About Catherine

Tai Chi_Reiki

"Born in Toronto, Canada, I trained as a Reiki Master Teacher with Reiki Evolution in 2008, an organization that strives to follow the original Japanese Mikao Usui system of Reiki healing. I qualified in Reiki drumming Technique in 2009 and have been giving treatments and teaching courses ever since. I have over 12 years experience of working with energy, which first began with Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  I continue to practice as well as teach in this Martial Art which helps complement the energy work I do. Currently I am a Reiki Practitioner at Keech Hospice care, and teach Tai Chi/Qi Gong in the Herts, Bucks & Beds area,  as well as teaching Reiki/Reiki Drumming and offering treatments to the public.

The first time I received a treatment, I found it to be a very personal and unique experience and I knew from that day forward Reiki would be part of my life! After a couple of treatments I took some healing courses in other various systems before deciding to learn the Usui Reiki System, and start my Reiki Evolution training in 2006.

I strive to develop my own healing journey through workshops, courses and continued personal development. I also enjoy helping others and empowering them to help themselves with self healing through meditation, visualization, movement, sound healing, Reiki and Reiki Drumming." 

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